Ask A Mentor : Talk to a Friend

Mentoring is a chance to ask your questions in a safe and private place. All mentoring happens by email.  You send in your question, we match you with a mentor and the mentor writes back to you.  You are welcome to write to your mentor as long as you like.

Through online mentoring, the hurting, the lonely, the confused, and the seeking are able to be matched up with someone who is able to mentor and disciple them. Mentoring through email, chat, discussion boards and blogs allows individuals the opportunity to interact with a mentor anywhere in the world as if they were sitting side-by-side. The anonymity of the internet opens the door to incredibly personal ministry. You will be amazed by the honesty and openness that is possible in online communities.

Mentoring process:

1. People arrive on a site because of a felt need

2. The visitor emails their concern

3. The email is matched with a mentor

4. The mentor “comes alongside of” the visitor and encourages them by praying for them and providing resources, and sharing the next step in their spiritual journey