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Boy-2-Men Seminar

These seminars encourage, motivate, and challenge your mind and spirit. This is a day personal development course designed to help adult men take their lives to the next level. Step-by-step, this powerful seminar outlines effective...


Stay-2-Gether Couples

Couples Seminar – The secret to having a biblically successful marriage is abiding in Christ. Trusting God to meet my needs and my spouse to understand my wants and desires. Jesus says in John...


Heart to heart talk

Women’s Seminar is for women but not all about women. It’s about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s a time to learn more of what Scripture says to us—and to say it to each...


Parenting Seminar

Training sons and daughters to be respectful and responsible can be done today, and it can be done confidently in the secular society in which we live. This Parenting Seminar is designed to assist...


Marriage & Family Seminar

Marriages are sacred vows and hence should be undertaken only when two people in love are willing to enter into a lifetime commitment. Without love there cannot be a happy marriage. After years of...


Mothers in touch

Single mom * new mom * stay-at-home mom * working mom * young mom * middle-aged mom * seasoned mom * grand-mom * mom of one * mom of many * mom of a...