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Raise a Money-smart Kid

Take a moment to think about your financial habits – good and bad. Do they mirror things your parents did? Was your father a diligent saver who was certain to be ready for that “rainy...


The Vanishing Pay Check: Where does it go?

Many families suffer “hole-in-a-pocket” syndrome, meaning the money they earn seems to slip away leaving no trace. As a result, plans we have for our family, home, church or charity giving and future are set...


Can Your Financial Plans Keep Up?

Major changes — whether personal or professional —can significantly affect your family’s insurance and investment needs. A year-end review of your situation will help ensure that you have adequate coverage and that your investments are meeting...


Finding Financial Balance

It is often said that balance is the key to happiness. Financial balance is an important part of a balanced life. Life can sometimes be like the balance scales our grandmothers used years ago with...


Teaching Kids to Share the Plenty

Here are some tips for helping your family live generously. Breaking down financial barriers to be free to live generously 1. Live within your means Save up for purchases and pay cash rather than buying...


Managing Excessive Debt: It All Begins With A Plan

Serious debt problems arise when the amount you owe is out of balance with your income and household expenses (such as mortgage payments and utilities). The primary aim of managing your debt is to...