Help Others

Familyplus exists to help marriage and families thrive. We are working to develop tools, resources for couples and parents, and to equip Familyplus Associates.

A Familyplus Associate is someone engaged in trying to help marriages and families succeed. The Familyplus Initiative is designed to call, connect, challenge and equip people, churches and organizations that are actively engaged (or wanting to become engaged) in bringing practical help and hope to British families.

A thriving marriage and family doesn’t just happen. It takes time, patience, commitment…and a lot of work. Sometimes help is needed. Someone to offer encouragement, advice, coaching. Someone to help others develop relational or parenting skills they may not have learned growing up. Someone to cheer them on when they want to give up.

Those “Someones” are the people we call HomeBuilders. They are individuals, couples, churches and organizations intentionally doing something to help the marriages and families of United Kingdom.

Are you interested in becoming a Familyplus Associate? Contact us.

You see the need. You have a passion for marriages and families but just don’t know how to start. Familyplus has designed and collected some easy to use tools that will allow you to begin reaching out to the couples in your neighborhood, community, church or city.

So grab a tool. Change a family. Change the world.