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Where is your relationship, today?

What “Level” Is Your Relationship In 1, 2 or 3? Level 1. Relationship Is In Crisis – A Break Up Is Possible! This is where either one person, or the couple are convinced that...


Ways to Inspire Your Wife.

Be a student of her. Where do her passions, gifting, and abilities lie? What energizes her? When does she lose track of time because she’s enjoying herself so much? What weights does she bear?...


Tools for Building an Intimate Marriage

Sharon and her husband built the garage and decided to live there until the house was constructed. Five years later, they were still in the garage. The house plans still took a prominent place...


5 Signs you are not ready for marriage!

Most women dream of getting married and starting a family as they get older, and may subconsciously look at every guy they date with the idea of him being their future husband. While many...