Invite others

A simple invitation to attend a Weekend Getaway can have an amazing impact. Below are some suggestions on how to invite people to join you to attend Familyplus’s Weekend to Remember. We encourage you to customize a plan that best fits you. To join the network of Church Reps and receive promotional material at the beginning of each conference season email:

People to consider for your group:

Fellow church members / small group
Workout partners / friends at your athletic club
People from your children’s’ clubs / sports teams
Your church’s pastoral staff

Create a contact list and determine the best way to reach out to your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers.
Contact leaders in your church and inform them of the benefits of the upcoming Familyplus Weekend Getaway conference.
Ask each leader if he would play the promotional video or invite you to personally speak to his group.
Use e-mail to send a special message to your friends. Be sure to include your personal contact information.
Invite others by handing out Weekend Getaway brochures with your contact information.
Make personal invitations over the phone. Host a home or office party to present the promotional material.
Ask someone to share his story about the impact of the conference on his marriage.

Use your personal group web page at to invite your friends. Use your social networking pages at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc., to encourage your friends around the world to join your group and attend a Weekend Getaway conference near them.

Work with local organizations by inviting their members to join your group to attend a Weekend Getaway conference.
Make announcements, show videos, and use newsletters and websites to create invitations and endorsements.
Work with local business owners by inviting their employees, clients, and customers to join your group to attend Familyplus’s Weekend Meetings.


Pastoral Staff

  • We encourage you to make sure your pastor and staff are involved in your efforts to form a Weekend Getaway group at your church.
  • It is important for you to coordinate and be sensitive to your church’s calendar and activities.
  • Make sure you extend a personal invitation to your pastor and his spouse to attend the conference.


  • Ask your pastor or assigned church contact about placement and timing for the promotional materials and ideas below.

Promote Aside from your personal invitation, hosting an information table in the church may be your most effective promotional tool. Set the table in the most visible location possible, preferably near an entrance or exit. Always have plenty of brochures available to hand out and be sure that your group information is easily visible on each brochure.

Other ways to promote the conference Pulpit announcements, bulletin inserts, video presentation, brochures posters, personal testimonies fun skits