Where is your relationship, today?

What “Level” Is Your Relationship In 1, 2 or 3?
Level 1. Relationship Is In Crisis – A Break Up Is Possible!
This is where either one person, or the couple are convinced that the relationship as it stands could be over. This could be due to prolonged problems over time such as lack of communication, arguments, or some kind of event that instantly breaks the trust in the relationship such as an affair. The couple may be confused because, both breaking up and staying together feels wrong especially if children are involved.

Level 2. Still In Love, But You’re More Friends Than Lovers!
Most couples get to this point in their relationship where the passion has either died, or has started to. The relationship seems to have lost it’s life, joy, it’s passion! Society teaches us this is normal and so we accept it as part of how relationship are. The reality is it’s a sign of potential problems! Do you want your passion back? Do you long for the days of passion and excitement you once shared together?

Level 3. You’ve A Great Relationship & You Want It To Get Even Better!
Do you have a great relationship, but want to understand how relationships really work? Do you want to create a far deeper connection with each other, that keeps you magnetically attracted together no matter what, forever! Do you want to understand how to keep the passion and excitement for each other and stay out of a level 2 relationship? To do this you need to understand how to grow when problems strike.
Extracts by International Relationship Coach Stephen Hedger

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