5 Signs you are not ready for marriage!

Most women dream of getting married and starting a family as they get older, and may subconsciously look at every guy they date with the idea of him being their future husband. While many women want to be married, not everyone is ready for that step and it is not an arrangement for everyone. If you are thinking about marriage but are not sure if you are ready, consider five signs that it is just not the right choice for you, at least not yet.

You Are Still Looking Around at Other Dates.

Men and women often still glance at members of the opposite sex even when they are dating, but if you are not absolutely committed to the person you are with and find yourself wondering what else is out there, you are just not ready for marriage. Being married to someone will not automatically fix your wanderlust and it is not fair to the other person to marry them when you are not really committed.

You Are Not Sure What You Really Want Out of Life.

You might be contemplating a career and motherhood, but do not really know which one you want or if you want both, and if you want a career, you are not sure what you want to do. It is always best to get to know yourself as a person first before you decide to become part of a couple, so you can find someone with the same goals and interests.

You Want to Get Married so You Do Not Need to Work.

Or so someone else can take care of you, or so that you feel like an adult. When you are looking to get married for all the wrong reasons, you are not ready for marriage. It is unfair to expect your spouse to be in a relationship for any reason other than love and companionship, and if you do not recognize that, you are not ready for marriage.

You Are Not Yet a Responsible Adult Yourself.

Marriage means holding down a job, taking care of children, paying your bills on time, taking care of your house, and other such responsibilities. You will not have your mom or dad there to do your grocery shopping or laundry or to pay your bills. If you cannot do these things on your own and are not ready to sacrifice your time for the sake of your spouse and your relationship, you are not ready for marriage.

You Do Not Like the Idea of Marriage Overall.

Some women see marriage as a very old-fashioned, outdated institution that requires the woman to ‘be obedient’ to her husband. If you have any thoughts like these about marriage, it is always best to address those or avoid taking the plunge rather than getting married and being miserable, and making your spouse miserable.

Make sure you give all these thoughts serious consideration before you even consider saying ‘I do.’ Written by Joan – March, 2013

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